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Health and Safety at Bridgewood Day Nursery

We would like parents to be confident in leaving their children with us.


Parents are encourages to keep us informed when there are changes relating to the collection of their child(ren). No children will be released out of our care without us being notified in advance.


All doors are secure and we use an outside camera and have an intercom. Parents and visitors are monitored and need to identify themselves to enter onto the premises. Visitors must wear a badge and it must be visible.


Our garden is securely fenced and safe. There are always staff present when the children are outside.


We also liaise with heath department and food hygiene authorities for advice and guidance and we are also inspected.


We aim to provide a clean healthy environment and discourage spread of infection and will minimise accidents. We often attend courses and updates.


We are doing our utmost for accidents not to happen and not to disturb parents from work to collect their children due to accidents.


However, accidents do happen. All bumps and bruises will be dealt with by trained members of staff.

Reassure me of what I’ll get from you, and tell me to get in touch


If your child is ill or poorly please we ask you to stay with them for at least 24 hours, if a child becomes ill at nursery we will call you in to collect them. Please make sure we have all emergency contact numbers and tell us when they change.


All medication should be labelled and a permission form will need to be completed to allow us to administer it. Only prescribed medication will be administered.

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