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The nursery experience at Bridgewood Day Nursery

What do you need to know for your child's first days with us?


A child who is tense or unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly, so it is important for parents and nursery staff to work together and help the children feel confident and secure in the group. This takes a little longer for some children than others and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle in. The nursery's policy on settling in is available for parents.

Please supply your child with the following:

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Comforter if needed

• Slippers

• Wet wipes if your child is not able to use the ones provided

Meal times:

• Breakfast: Served 8.00 - 8.30

• Snack: 9.30 - fresh fruit provided by us and milk or water to drink

• Lunch and tea are all provided by us

• Lunch and tea can be provided by parents and warmed and served by us if parents are not happy with what we offer. This is to give parents choices.

• Finally: Those who stay late will always be provided with fruit drinks or milk according to their taste.

For high quality day care for your child, call us on

We will provide milk daily for all. Parents are to provide their own for the babies unless happy with what we provide.


At Bridgewood Day Nursery we also encourage healthy eating. We follow the government '5 a day' regime making sure all children in our care will develop to be strong and healthly. Fresh fruit and vegetables are provided daily and children are free to help themselves to these. We do taster sessions daily, so the children can get use to a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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