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Our rooms and fees

We care for children aged from 3 months to 5 years and we have a key worker system which forms a bridge between children and families. Our nursery is split into three different areas identified by different colours and we encourage the children to explore the environment around them.


Our fees are:

Full Time - £170 per week

Daily - from 3month to 3 years £39 All inclusive

Daily- from 3years to 5 years £36 All inclusive

Half a day AM - 08:00/12:30 -£20 All inclusive

Half a day PM-  13:00/18:00- £20 All inclusive


Please note that no deposit or notice periods are required for the 15 hours only of Early Years Education.


The above fees include: formula milk, nappies, snack, lunch, tea fresh fruits daily.

There are no hidden fees.


If you wish to apply for a place for your child, a non-refundable joining fee of £50 applies.This will be deducted from your bill when your child (ren) start.


Bridgewood Day Nursery is registered and inspected by OFSTED. We are also assessed and advised by the K.C.C. advisory team on a regular basis. This means that children age 3-4 are eligible for some funding. We will apply on your behalf and do the necessary paperwork. We cannot guarantee acceptance for funding as all these are subject to changes and is outside our control, but every child who comes to us we will apply for funding.

The green and yellow rooms (3 - 18 months)

These rooms provide a safe, secure warm environment for the babies. Our babies receive all the care and attention they need making sure that they remain safe and sound.


Nappies: Please provide your own nappies, we will provide wipes but please do also provide your own nappy rash cream and this will be applied when needed.

The blue and orange rooms (18 months - 3 years)

This is where we start structuring your children's day slightly. As they are now growing in confidence and independence, we make sure that their curiosity expands and will go beyond their own. We will provide them with experiences to develop their skills and help them to be more adventurous through craft, games, music, dance, nursery rhymes and many other activities. Our indoor and outdoor areas are both safe and secure and promote their development.


Our outdoor area is a soft play area.

Red Room (3 - 5 years) Pre-schoolers

For this age we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage that is the framework set by the government.


This is split into six key areas:  


Personal and social

Communication and language

Physical development (soft play surface )



Understanding of the world

Expressive art and design


Each of the above skill areas are stages that progress towards the early year foundation stage. These children will follow planned activities which meet their diverse needs individually.


The adult will take regular observations to support progression and individual development of each individual child. At Bridgewood Day Nursery we believe in learning but through play. We believe that each child will learn from activities that they enjoy the most and we strive to provide a good balance between structured activities and learning through play. Adults make regular observations which inform the basis of their planning. The success of learning is through constant evaluation, and to do that we are constantly using the E.Y.F.S frame work set by the government.

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To arrange childcare for your children, call us on

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429 Maidstone Road via Hallsfield Road

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Note: Parents should use the Hallsfield Road which will lead them to the Nursery at  429 Maidstone Road